Review: Edge of Tomorrow (2014)


By Sean Gardner

Edge of Tomorrow is directed by Doug Liman, written by Christopher McQuarrie and stars Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt.  This is the third of four collaborations between McQuarrie and Cruise. The first two being Valkyrie, and Jack Reacher and the fourth being this year’s Rouge Nation. All four of these movies have been great, but Edge of Tomorrow is my personal favorite. It was the most pleasant surprise of 2014.

Probably more commonly know now as Live. Die. Repeat, Edge of Tomorrow is based on the Japanese novel, All You Need is Kill. It is set in a near future and asteroid-riding aliens with time travel powers have invaded Earth.  Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise are part of the human army donned in battle suits reminiscent of Matt Damon from Elysium.  By shear happenstance Cruise absorbs the time traveling power of the aliens. Now every time he dies, he starts the day over.

Emily Blunt is a verified action star. She steals the show and is completely believable in every aspect of her role as the leader of the fight against the aliens.The special effects of this film are fantastic; especially the aliens  that look radioactive, metallic, virus cells the size of fighter jets. The story, even though it is adapted from a novel, it is very original.

With the upcoming Warcraft and Assassins’ Creed, some are speculating the rise of the video game movie as the next box office gold mine. However, I believe that Edge of Tomorrow  has already captured the spirit of video gaming.  What makes video games so great is that if you fail, you can try again a little bit differently. That same repetitiveness of failing and trying again, is well represented in this film.

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