Review: The Blob (1958)

By Sean Gardner

I grew up loving this extremely campy, low budget, B-movie classic staring one of my favorite actors Steve McQueen. The Blob used to scare me as a kid, but after becoming an adult and revisiting it for my Horror Movie Marathon this year, all I can do is laugh.

The movie begins with a teenage couple stargazing. They happen to see an asteroid land near by. When they go to investigate they come across a farmer with a mysterious goo attached to his hand.  They take the farmer to the doctor, but by the time they get there the goo has spread to cover his entire arm. Turns out, the goo is an alien substance that came from the asteroid the teenagers saw earlier. Before we know it the Blob has completely consumed the old farmer along with the doctor. It is now loose to terrorize the whole town.

This movie is not scary to me at all anymore. The acting is horrendous. The special effects are suspect. The dialogue is dripping in nacho cheese. There is a part where the Steve McQueen character, who has seen the Blob, rushes into a movie theater to tell his friends what is going on.  They reluctantly give in and leave the movie before it’s over. When they get outside one of the friends says, “Alright, now that you’ve made us waste our 80 cents, won’t you tell us what’s the matter?” It made me laugh to think what they would think about movie prices today.

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