The Influence of Star Wars

By Sean Gardner

Watching the new Star Wars trailer made me wonder, how could all of this come from the mind of one man, George Lucas? Star Wars has been arguably the most popular film franchise in history. It has spawned novels, TV shows, comic books, and countless toys. It would be hard to find a film maker working today that would not at least mention the original Star Wars as one of the reasons they wanted to get into the business. It has inspired countless actors, directors, writers, and critics that magic is possible in the movies. And it makes me wonder, how could all of this could start with something as simple as putting pen to paper?

It just amazes me how creative and imaginative people can be. George Lucas did not just create new characters or a new society or a new world. He created an entire galaxy with a deep, rich history, with religion, with government, myths, and legends. Within the galaxy there are various star systems with different races and cultures within those races. There is no limit to how many stories can come from the Star Wars universe, and it all started with one person.

I just can’t wrap my mind around that fact. I mean, how did he start? Where did he first get the idea? Could he have imagined on that day that four decades later little kids would be going to sleep on a Luke Skywalker bed spread?  Could he have imagined on that day that millions upon millions of toys based on the characters he created would be sold worldwide? Or could he have imagined that a 7th film was only a few months away and that his previous six films would make billions of dollars? There is even a book called How Star Wars Conquered the Universe.

I can’t even imagine creating something that people around the world would basically worship like they worship Star Wars. Now that Disney owns Star Wars, there will be at least one movie from that universe for probably the rest of eternity. Currently there are three films in production: The Force Awakens, Rogue One, and the currently untitled Episode VIII. The mania surrounding this universe is almost as guaranteed to continue as yearly tax returns.

In a way I’m a little jealous of some people. I have already seen each movie more times than I care to admit. But there are people out there that have never seen a single Star Wars movie. There are people who will see the Force Awakens and it will be their first experience with Star Wars. Some people will be inspired by The Force Awakens to “catch up” and watch the other six films. I am jealous of these people because I have already seen Star Wars for the first time. I will never be able to see Star Wars for the first time ever again.  I will never be able to experience something so magical and fantastic for the first time again. But as I said before, the people over at Disney will be cranking out movies and raking in the dough for generations to come. So at least I have something to look forward to.

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