Thoughts on David Ayer

By Sean Gardner

In reality, I wanted to do a review of Fury, the World War II tank film staring Brad Pitt. Instead, I decided to do an editorial of that films’ director, David Ayer. At 48 years old, Ayer only has 10 writing credits and 6 directing credits to his name, but, boy are they good ones. His most recent film, Fury, was not perfect, but its greatest strength was the interaction between the main group of characters. They were believable as individuals and as part of the group. You really believe that this group of soldiers has been riding around Europe in that same tank for years. 

That realistic ensemble atmosphere is a product of Ayer’s writing and directing. In fact, writing and directing ensemble stories is what Ayer does best. As evidenced by films like SWAT, Training Day, and End of Watch, he has a knack for taking a pair or groups of characters and creating separate and distinct personalities that also have their place in the group; a skill that is ever-lacking in Hollywood these days. His characters are real people who have flaws and doubts and fears and ambissions. 

Because Ayer is so good at writing for groups, I am confident that, if nothing else, Suicide Squad will have great character interaction. Ayer is the perfect person to write a movie like this. Harley Quinn is very different from Killer Croc who is very different from Dead Shot. Ayer has the ability to juggle all those different styles and flavors of characters and from what I’ve seen so far in the trailers, it looks dang good. 

Those are my random ramblings on David Ayer. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share this with your friends! 

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