Review: The Congressman (2016) 

By Sean Gardner

In this hectic political climate, I find it refreshing and appropriate that a film like The Congressman gives us a realistic look at politicians as imperfect people and not as the saviors they often claim to be during campaigns. 

Written and directed by former New York congressman Robert J. Mrazek, The Congressman is poignant look at a broken   man who happens to be a politician. Starring Treat Williams as the titular congressman, this film is more about the transformation of his character than anything else. He begins as a broken man: divorced, at the end of his career, bitter. Yet by the end I was rooting for him to succeed. 

This film also provides an interesting look at US politics. It shows how easily the media can edit around interviews in order to put a particular spin on a story. It examines the presence and influence of wealthy interest groups. These are disturbing things that corrupt the integrity of our government, but this film decides to present them in a pseudo-satirical way that lost me at points. Sometimes it was trying to be super serious while at others it was over the top comical. 

Overall this film was insightful and relevant to the times, but was a little too slow paced for my tastes. It is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. Check it out if you are interested in American politics. 

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