My Top 10 Directors

Directors are the lead creative voice on a film set. The coordinate with the other filmmakers to put out the best product possible. Here is my list of my top ten favorite directors.

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Are the Oscars Irrelevant?

The Academy Awards have represented the pinnacle of excellence in American filmmaking for almost a century. But are they in danger of becoming irrelevant?

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Movie Pet Peeves

I know movies aren’t real and that there are, and often need to be, discrepancies between movies and real life. However, there are a few things that always take me out of a movie.

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Quint’s USS Indianapolis Speech

By Sean Gardner Jaws may be remembered by some for its music, others for its frightening imagery, and others still for being Hollywood’s first summer blockbuster. However, what sets Steven Spielberg’s classic above other films is Quint’s USS Indianapolis speech. Delivered by the great Robert Shaw, it is one of the best speeches in movie […]

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Actors Who Deserve Oscars

By Sean Gardner There are many actors that have the talent to win that most coveted statue; an Academy Award. But for one reason or another these actors have not yet broken through. If I would’ve made this list a few years ago, it would’ve easily been topped by Leonardo DiCaprio. But alas, after several […]

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Favorite Films of 2017

By Sean Gardner There were many great films to celebrate this this year. So many in fact that I missed a great deal of them. However, here are my favorites of the ones I did get a chance to see: Get Out One of the most surprising films of the year comes from Jordan Peele, […]

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